It’s a Wrap

* Reusable   * Freezer / Microwave Safe   * Flexible when frozen   * Non Toxic
* Eco-Friendly   * Therapeutic Aid   * Durable   * Functional

SOOTHZ Neck Ice Pack


If you are in intense neck pain and wish to get a neck ice pack, here are its features –

  • It relaxes and soothes sore muscles, bruises, sprains and also reduces arthritis pain and inflammation. 
  • Ideal for muscle pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and sports injuries.
  • Our neck and shoulder heat wrap is absolutely safe for the skin and can be used directly. 
  • It has an eco-friendly non-toxic “S-Gel’ technology that works with neoprene which is excellent insulation that delivers highly efficient 20-minute ice or heat therapy sessions. 
  • Top-quality microwavable ice and heat neck gel wraps 

Our Soothz cervical ice pack offers a complete range of neck products and heat therapy products to handle the rigidity and inflammation of the neck and restore the normal movement of the neck and mobility.

These are cost-effective quality nylon construction Cervical ice wraps and are welded and stitched to prevent any kind of gel leakage. They are portable and can be taken anywhere easily, whether it's in an office or on a vacation. They are well-sized to fit in your freezer or microwave.

Our Soothz Neck ice wrap provides the perfect pain relief you have been looking for. They can be reused and easily managed, being highly durable, soft to the skin and best for a quick ice therapy of 20 minutes. Applying cold to the skin for a longer period can be damaging, therefore, use these for a maximum of 20 minutes of good ice therapy.


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