It’s a Wrap

* Reusable   * Freezer / Microwave Safe   * Flexible when frozen   * Non Toxic
* Eco-Friendly   * Therapeutic Aid   * Durable   * Functional



  • Neoprene velcro wrap for insulation / Nylon gel bag
  • Fast Relief: Knee hot & cold therapy packs perfect for treating knee, elbow, ankle injuries, plus joint pain, dislocations, arthritis, muscle aches & more
  • Easy To Use: Our knee wrap is freezer & microwave safe. Large 34 x 10 x 8” neoprene Knee wrap provides hands free therapy. Supplied with handy gym bag to also store your wrap.
  • Flexible: Nylon ice pack for knee is 8.5 x 7” and molds easily after 2 hours in freezer. Used by health practitioners as physical therapy packs to treat injuries, arthritis & post surgery.
  • Durable & Reusable: Our hot and cold Knee packs offer welded seams to prevent leakage. Our neoprene Knee ice wrap offers superior insulation to target Meniscus, ACL, Patella & other sport injuries.. Comfortable for both men & women to use.
  • Eco Friendly: Our special Gel formula called S-Gel helps pack stay colder or hotter for longer to speed up recovery


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