It’s a Wrap

* Reusable   * Freezer / Microwave Safe   * Flexible when frozen   * Non Toxic
* Eco-Friendly   * Therapeutic Aid   * Durable   * Functional

Body Wrap

Muscle pain (myalgia) is extremely common and everyone around the world experiences muscle discomfort at some point in their life. Since muscle tissue is present in almost every part of the body, this type of pain can be felt almost anywhere. 

Muscle pain often responds well to home treatment. Here are some steps you can take to relieve muscle discomfort from injury and overuse: 

  •  Rest the area of your body where the aches and pains occur 
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen (Advil)
  • Apply Soothz Body ice pack to the affected area to relieve pain and reduce inflammation

Soothz Hot & cold pack can be used in diverse areas of the body like your upper and lower back, waist, knees, elbows, lower abdomen, etc. You can use these Body & shoulder ice packs to ease off different kinds of pain, including your mensuration pain, stress pain, arthritis pain, post OP pain, etc. 

Different body wrap methods have different benefits depending on the type of wrap used, like our Cervical ice wrap. While people often use cold and heat interchangeably, these two types of therapy do the exact opposite of each other: heat promotes blood circulation, and cold restricts blood circulation. 

Cold therapy, also called cryotherapy, reduces blood flow to the site of injury. This is why people use ice packs after hitting their shin on the coffee table. Heat therapy dilates blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. This helps open up sore muscles and relax them.