It’s a Wrap

* Reusable   * Freezer / Microwave Safe   * Flexible when frozen   * Non Toxic
* Eco-Friendly   * Therapeutic Aid   * Durable   * Functional

CUSTOMISATION – Co-Branding opportunities explained

All Soothz’ products are available for bulk purchases and can be customised with your Corporate business or Sporting Clubs logo / message in full colour.

Small minimums of 2000 pieces apply per model per order. Please note the designs and colours featured in each of our Wraps cannot be altered however to maximise your brands exposure, our ‘Soothz’ logo will be replaced with your logo in same logo position. NB. Our ‘Soothz’ brand is still featured on the opposite side of each Gel bag.

For businesses or teams that would prefer to create their own design, thats not a problem. Please note that minimums are 3000 pcs and ideally your featured designs must keep within our product template sizes so please read details further down page.

Our Neck wrap is the only product within range that is not supplied with a Neoprene wrap, so your logo would replace our Soothz logo on coloured side.

For both the Body or Knee wraps, there are supplied with a Navy gel bag plus a coloured Neoprene wrap. Our ‘Soothz’ logo on neoprene wrap will be replaced with your logo. The Navy gel bags branding on sides 1 & 2 will be supplied as is.

WHATS IN THE BOX – Our cost effective solution to apply your Logo

Each ‘Soothz’ Wrap ordered will continue being supplied in a coloured ‘Soothz’ display box along with product instruction leaflet and ‘Soothz’ special edition shopping bag / backpack. We understand the importance of streamlining these products with your branding, so we will apply a 1.5 x 1.5” coloured sticker with your logo/message directly across key branding position on front of Neck or Knee box and a 2.25 x 2.25” sticker across the Body wrap box.

For businesses or sporting clubs interested in utilising our manufactured Body, Neck or Knee Wrap template designs on main coloured side only, the minimum quantity is 3,000 pcs per model per order. We can provide our template for you to add your customised design in colour, however, our  factory will need to review before acceptance. Our ‘Soothz’ branding along with product instructions will remain on side two of all gel bags and for Body or Knee Neoprene wraps, again branding on one side only in colour.


Depending on level of customisation or complexity with designs, from the moment artworks are approved and deposits paid, please allow between 45 and 60 days for production to be completed plus allow 3 weeks on average for shipping / customs clearances plus road transport from a US seaport to your location.

FINAL CONDITIONS – (Payments & Shipping)

All customised orders will require 50% deposits paid into our US Bank account when order is placed and artworks presented for you to review . During course of manufacture, pre-production samples will be presented with photographed images emailed across for your approval.

However if physical samples are required, our factory will freight across to your US office HOWEVER freight charges will apply with payment required prior to despatch. Once samples received, as long as there are no changes for any samples presented, your sample freight costs will be deducted off the remaining 50% of invoice due.

During course of manufacture, we send in our independant Quality Assurance Inspectors /  Auditors to review your shipment to ensure your designs are being applied correctly and that each Soothz product passes all quality protocols during proouction processes.

A week before shipping your stock ex factory, we will request final 50% payment. Once balance of monies received, our shipping agent will arrange collection of your shipment and provide us with your Bill of Lading which will include freight ex China door to door to your office within the United States.

Once freight arrives at a seaport within the USA, we will arrange full payment of all customs duties and arrange transport across to your business however any State taxes payable will be referred directly back to your business to settle.

Our team at ‘Soothz’ will keep your Procurement / Ordering department 100% up to date with progress ex factory through to arrival on US soil and delivery to your office.

Our entire process from quotations through to sampling, payments and shipping is 100% transparent as we understand the importance of co-operation and clear communication between both parties.

Please, if you have any questions, any at all, reach out and will endeavour to reply within 24-36 hours. Keep in mind the time zone differences between the US and Australia.

We appreciate your interest and hope to be working with you in the weeks and months ahead – ‘It’s a wrap’, so thanks again.