It’s a Wrap

* Reusable   * Freezer / Microwave Safe   * Flexible when frozen   * Non Toxic
* Eco-Friendly   * Therapeutic Aid   * Durable   * Functional



The best Soothz body ice wraps come with many beneficial features, some of them are listed here –

  • Our Soothz body ice wraps are Large ice packs that can be easily used anywhere on the body
  • Reusable and durable body wrap. Stays cold for a longer period of time
  • Provides instant relief for the different regions of the body like the back, waist, thighs, arms, elbows and also for menstrual pain
  • Easy to use after freezing. Can be taken anywhere as it will fit in any freezer
  • Uses a special eco-friendly gel technology, unlike other nylon or polyester wraps 

Our selection of specialist, medical and multi-purpose Hot and cold body ice packs are ready to soothe your head, arms, back, hips, neck, hips, legs and all in one go. Our gel packs stay incredibly flexible in all temperatures so you can bend and shape them anywhere for great pain relief. 

Made from high-quality, leak-resistant materials with double-stitched edges, they're good enough for daily use, both hot and cold.

Get instant pain relief within minutes and get back to your work asap with our Neck & shoulder heat pack.

Apply a cold or ice pack to the injured or sore area at least 3 times a day until pain, swelling, and inflammation occurs. For the first 72 hours, freeze for 10 minutes, once every hour. Then, use ice for 15-20 minutes, 3 times a day: in the morning, late afternoon after work or school, and about half an hour before bedtime. Also, put ice on after any prolonged activity or vigorous exercise.

Soothz neck wraps also come as Microwave heat packs wherein you can use them to relieve your tight muscles, letting the blood flow more easily so that the constricted nerves are relieved, and the pain soothes down.


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